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Developed as an entry for the OPR Game Jam 2020 (mostly while struggling to sleep), around the theme of asymmetric design. It has taken design inspiration from Space Hulk: Death Angels, Left 4 Dead, Alien, Predator, Doom (2005), and many others.

It’s the Denouement. The Marine Commandos have already completed their mission: planted the bomb, shut down the reactor, retrieved the intel, or what have you. The only thing left to do is fight off the now entirely on-alert horde of Creatures as they make their way through the last hundred feet to the Extraction Zone.

If they can.

This is a single-session game for two players, each playing one of the factions - Marines or Creatures.

NOTE I goofed up and it let me delete the uploaded version but not upload the revised version (my final playtest went past the end time). Please see the rules in the image below:


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hi there, I'm contacting you because you took part in the last opr game jam, so I wanted to ask if you'd be up for joining our new game jam? it starts tomorrow and you can sign up here: https://itch.io/jam/oprgj2

Oh hi! I would've loved to join in, but tomorrow is too soon. Was there an announcement on twitter? That's where I'm most likely to catch wind of these things.

No worries, we made some announcements last week but maybe next time we'll make even more! :