Original Character Tournament Comic
A sh'ump that tries to convery the experience of holding a conversation with someone.
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Marines-versus-Hivemind asymetric tabetop wargame. Gamejam entry.
Revisionist History Website Growth Simulator. Gamejam entry.
Giant Bomb inspired match-3 puzzle game
Surreal short comic. As seen on too-late-night TV!
Custom Tracks for the board game Formula D
The True Virtual LCom Experience
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Short idealized-history comic. It's only a game, but it's still a journey.
A casual trick-taking card and dice game using standard peices for 3 or more players
Space Invaders remade for practice.
A short autobiographic comic about sleeping.
Based off of Mechaton / Mobile Frame Zero, modified to include overheating rules and to clean up turn order.
A One-Button Endfull Runner. Gamejam entry.